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What is difference between Braiding and Hitching?

Below on the left is an example of horsehair braiding. There are three braids that have been sewn together to create the bracelet. Braids can be created with 8 or 12 strands and have a distinct chevron pattern. By using different colors in the strands you can create basic patterns when you line up the braids next to each other as you can see in the example below.

To the right is is an example of horsehair hitching. Hitching is a much more complicated process of half hitches around a dowel. The pattern is created with adding and dropping different color pulls. Most hitching is based on designs that incorporate diamonds and chevrons. But in the example below I have created a running horse design. This type of hitching is called pictorial hitching. There are many more possibilities with hitching then with braiding.




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