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I'm doing some historical research about the history of horsehair items for a book I would like to write, "The History of Horsehair Art in America". If you have any horsehair pieces that you think are of historic value, please become part of my research study. You may find your item in my book someday.
             Follow the steps below
Start by printing out the PDF file "Research Form"
Complete only one form for each item, do not group multiple items together.
Answer only the questions you know. It's OK to leave spaces blank if you don't have the information.


It's very helpful for me to see pictures of the item. So if at all possible please send photographs or a CD with digital images of the item with the form. If you have more than one angle of the piece or a detail shot, please include as much information as possible.


You can send the research form and pictures to the address listed below.

Marjan Polek - Horsehair Art
1955 W Baseline Rd ste 113-335
Mesa, Arizona 85202

You can also e-mail pictures to horsehair@aol.com

Thanks for helping with my research.

Please do not send pictures and forms for an appraisal I'm collecting information for research I'm not able to give you a value for your item. This is not western antiques road show.



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