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Spirit Horse Magnet  


each magnet has two super stong
neodymium magnets

This is a fun magnet that I can make as a personalized memento of your special horse.

The magnet measures approximately
4 1/2" wide by 2" high.
(that includes the tail)

There are several choices you have when ordering a Spirit Horse Magnet. You have a choice of sending tail hair or having a magnet made with a particular color of your choice. There are also two designs to choose from, the 3 bars or the Spotted Horse design. Then you also have a choice of what color metal banding you would like, silver or gold color. This is not real silver or gold it's metal wire that is silver or gold color.












Tail Color: Black

Design: 3 Bars

Banding Color: Silver


Tail Color: Reddish Brown

Design: Spotted Horse

Banding Color: Gold




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